Master a CD-album (choose as quantity how many songs there will be on the CD)

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Send your music to us. We will send it back sounding better!


The standard in mastering studios nowadays is to use an error-free DDP image instead of an unreliable CD master. You can send this image to your CD manufacturer and they will make CDs out of it. You can also burn CDs from it. We will send you the .WAV files, too.

You need to provide:

  • Track order
  • Name of each song
  • CD-Text
  • ISRC codes (if necessary)

You can use Google Drive or to send files.

Other preparations:

Take everything off your master bus, unless it has some special effect. If it sounds dark and muddy after that, GOOD!

This is not a bad starting point for a professional mastering job. A lot better than a harsh, bright mix.

We are not afraid to turn the knobs like some other mastering houses. If you’re not satisfied, we can make new revisions, until you are satisfied.

You can use Google Drive or to send files.

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