Pictures of our Mastering Room in Ylojarvi, Finland.

Curuxa Customs Mastering Desk

Gear List:

QES Labs Variable Gm – excellent boutique variable mu compressor. Has the ability to put instruments in the same space.

Manley Massive Passive – industry standard mastering equalizer. Makes sounds jump out of the speakers!

Api 5500 – another industry standard equalizer. Heavy bottom end!

Avalon VT-747sp – has a nice compressor that ties it all together. Excellent equalizer! High band can either boost beautifully or turn harsh plugin tracks to butter when used for cutting.

Crane Song STC-8/M – excellent mastering compressor from the almighty genius himself, Dave Hill.

Crane Song HEDD 192 – excellent mastering grade converter and harmonics processor (triode, pentode, tape). Used on countless records.

Neve 8816 summer/mastering console – the design of this unit is taken directly from the Neve VR console. Adds a magic touch. The stereo spread control is amazing! Can turn messy, crowded songs into gold.

Amphion One18 – absolutely excellent monitors from a Finnish manufacturer. These don’t lie!

Auratone 5C Super Sound Cube – classic reference monitors from the 1950s. These are a reissue.

Sennheiser HD600 – industry standard headphones for mixing and mastering. The best headphones for the job!